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• 11/27/2017

Welcome to Discussions!

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• 9/9/2016

New here!

Hi! I'm Caleb! I'm a boy, and I absolutely LOVE nail polish! I'm not gay, but I would love someone to talk to about such a thing!
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• 9/1/2016
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• 11/21/2014

I need a good white cream

Does anyone know of a really good plain white?  I'm currently using Maybelline Color Show "Porcelain Party", which I find doesn't go on well at all. It's hard to get good coverage, and I tend to get streaks, even on later coats.
I'm looking for something that works well enough to be used both as a stand-alone color, and in nail art
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• 11/16/2014

Nail polish help

I hope that this board will one day be the place to get help for polish questions and problems.  But for that we need a strong, active community here.  So join us to make this place what it can be!
And in the mean time, ask your question anyway, and we'll try to figure it out anyway :)
Just go here and start a discussion.
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• 11/16/2014


My current favorite red is Maybelline Forever Strong Rouge Profondo.  It really is a profound red, strong, bright, and beauifully over-the-top.
I don't think it's available any more, but my pot is still going strong.  The color is very similar to this picture
Do you have a favorite red?  Do you like something bright? or a darker more vampy color?
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• 11/15/2014

Alphabetical nails

Here's a game:
Can we name something related to nails and nail art for every letter in the alphabet?
I'll start with the first three:
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• 11/15/2014

Articles and how they are named

I've been thinking about an idea for this wikia that's a bit different from most factual-type wikias.  Instead of having all artilces as "encyclopedia-type" neutral pieces, some could be more personal reviews, advice, and other blog-like content
We could have this in the blogs, but I'd like to try turning off blogs and moving this type of content into the main space.
We would still have community written articles about polishes, brands, tools, techniques and so on.  But also have favorites, personal recomendations, reviews and other opinion stuff.
For example, I'm writing an article on Christmas nails.  That would be posted in the main space as "Christmas Nails (Sannse)".  The article at "Christmas Nails" would list mine and any other articles about Christmas nails.
I think this might give a whole new and unique element to this wikia.
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• 11/15/2014

Wikia's name

I'd like to use the more modern and more specific "wikia" rather than "wiki" in this site's name.  It says that we are specifically on Wikia, and are more than a standard wiki.  
What do you think?
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• 11/15/2014


Hi, I've turned on the new forum to give us a better place to talk.  What do you think?
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• 11/16/2014


Welcome to the Nail Polish Wiki!
We are working to make this the best place for information, ideas, and inspiration for all nail polish types and techniques.
You can help by adding to articles on polish, techniques, or any other topic.  Or you could write something more personal, giving your own advice to others.
This forum is our central space for talking about polish and the wikia, so join us here!
It's good to have you with us
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