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China Glaze Capitol Colors Collection is a limited edition nail polish collection from China Glaze, featuring colors inspired by the film, The Hunger Games. This collection features all types of finishes, from cream, to glitter, to sparkle, to metallic.


What exactly do the colors mean?Edit

Well, there are 12 nail polish colers at first they decided they would make it this-


But there were some technical problems and they changed it. There is one nail polish bottle for each district. There are 12 districts. The districts industries are-

District 1- luxury items

District 2- masonry

District 3- technology

District 4- fishing

District 5- power

District 6- transportation

District 7- lumber

District 8- textiles

District 9- grain

District 10- livestock

District 11- agriculture

District 12- coal

so they changed it to this-


Where are the nail polishes from?Edit

district 1- luxe and lush

district 2- stone cold

district 3- riveting

district 4- Hook and line

district 5- electrify

district 6- fast track

district 7- mahogany magic

district 8- dress me up

district 9- harvest moon

district 10- foie gras

district 11- agro

district 12- smoke and ashes


12345678Luxe and lush 1

Luxe and lush aplyed other colers

12345678990stone cold 2

Stone cold

12345678 Riveting


12345678 Hook and line 4

Hook and line,sleek and beautiful this nail polish is meant to look like a fishing hook

1234567890Electrify 5

Electrify, this nail polish is 3 times as bright and eye catching with 3 coats. but be warned it's very hard to take off. You have to soak your nails in nail polish remover and pick it off. It is guaruteed to receive complements!

123456789 fast track 6

Fast track

123456789 Mahogany magic

Mahogany magic, this nail polish is suposed to remind you of the woods and looks great on girls with olive skin.

123456789dress me up8

Dress me up, this beautiful nail polish is one of the more girly ones it has a dusty rose coler and i think it looks good on girls with pale skin.

123456789 harvest moon

Harvest moon

123456788 Foie gras

Foie gras


Agro,Agro is probably the most natural feeling nail polish in this set it makes me feel great everytime I wear it

12345890 SMOKE and ashes12

Smoke and ashes, this nail polish will make people notice you! It is black with a faint blue and emrald shimmer.