Deborah Lippmann created a four color collection that was inspired by the 2011 remake of the 1984 classic Footloose. Check out the colors below along with Ms. Lippmann's comments on what inspired each choice.

  • Almost Paradise - "a playful pistachio inspired by the Volkswagen Beetle from the original and the new movie"
  • Footloose - "a rebellious red, was (of course) inspired by Arielle's iconic red cowboy boots."
  • Let's Hear It For the Boy - "the baby blue shade in the collection, was inspired by acid-wash jeans. Gotta love the Levi's, and the way this song is presented in the remake is fantastic!"
  • Dancing in the Sheets - "a deep midnight purple shimmer, was inspired by the final hurrah when the ban was lifted and everyone danced all night long with confetti everywhere! I found this so uplifting and inspiring."

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