There are thousands of different colours and shades of nail polish out there today, but what if you could be unique and make your own? This page will show you how to make nail polish that everyone will be drooling over!

You will needEdit

  • An eyeshadow in a colour you like
  • A half-full bottle of clear nail polish (which you can buy here)
  • A funnel (or a paper cone)
  • Plastic food bag and rolling pin


  1. Find an eyeshadow in a colour you want for your nail polish. Certain kinds have been known to mix better, but all brands work. (note: You might have to use the whole pack, so make sure you choose a colour you're not too attached to)
  2. Crush the eyeshadow if necessary. If your eyeshadow is a loose powder it is not necessary to crush it, but the solid blocks need to be crushed before they can be used. Put the eyeshadow into the plastic food bag and crush it, until it's a fine powder (any lumps in the final product makes it look messy), with your rolling pin.  (note: If the powder is not smooth when you put it in the polish bottle, it won't be smooth when it comes out on your nails)
  3. Get out your funnel. If you haven't got one and haven't made one, then take a piece of paper and curl it into a cone. If you have, good for you!
  4. Open the clear nail polish bottle and position the funnel over the top. It should be at the neck of the bottle, not touching any polish.
  5. Pour your fine eyeshadow into the funnel. The more you add, the richer the colour. (note: If you have glitter or glitter shapes, you can add that in too)
  6. Shake the bottle until the eyeshadow has mixed evenly with the clear polish. You can now paint your nails in your new colour, name it, and share it with friends!

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