Nox Twilight nail polish is the newest edition of products from Twilight Beauty. Inspired by the powerful Cullen coven, this line of professional quality nail polish prominently features the enduring Cullen crest on the center of each bottle.

Buy your favorite shades or splurge on the Ultimate Collection of all 12 shades at a exclusive price of $70.

To reflect each unique member of this clan, Nox Twilight provides a wide array of shades:

  • Red Velvet - Classic cherry red
  • Chiffon - Soft delicate pink
  • Debutante - Fresh peachy-pink
  • Sugar Plum - Plummy iridescent
  • Disco Darling - Glimmer shimmer
  • Wine & Dine - Sparkling champagne
  • Talon - Forbidding navy
    Sangria - Vampy bordeaux
  • Black Tie - Best-dressed black
  • Poseidon - Sky blue
  • Crush - Sassy hot pink
  • Citrus - Energizing bright orange

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