The magnetic polish before the pattern is added


Magnetic polish once the magnet has been applied

Magnetic nail polish is a great way to give interest to a manicure, without the effort of a lot of other nail art.  The polish contains metallic particles, that start off evenly distributed though the polish, but are pulled up to the surface in a pattern by a special magnet included with the polish.

Many brands have created magnetic polishes, with varied colors and patterns. The colors tend to be metallic, with the particles showing as darker areas after using the magnet.

Using Magnetic Polish

1. If you are using a base coat, add this to all nails and allow to dry 2. Apply one thin coat of the polish to all nails, and allow to dry completely 3. Apply a thinker coat of the polish to one nail. Before this dries, hold the magnet over the polish for a few seconds. 4. Repeat with each nail, using the magnet before the polish dries 5. Allow to dry, and finish with a top coat


These can be a little tricky to get right. The pattern is not visible on the magnet, so positioning can be a little hard. The magnets can also be smaller than some nails, which is why the pattern on the practice nail above doesn't reach the end of the nail.

It's important to hold the magnet over the polish for long enough for it to start to dry a little, otherwise the pattern goes a little fuzzy. The same problem can happen if the polish is too think, it flows after the magnet is applied, and blur the pattern.

There doesn't seem to be a big difference between brands, although some have a wider range of patterns and colors.

All in all, I wouldn't call this ideal for daily use, but is a fun alternative and a nice effect

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